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Iran’s female referee did not wear hijab in the match, threats to kill

Iran's female referee Shohreh Bayat did not wear hijab in the match

A woman match referee from Iran is caught in trouble due to not wearing Hijab. The 32-year-old woman named Shohreh Bayat was the referee at the ongoing Women’s World Chess Championship in Shanghai. A photo of her went viral on social media, in which she is seen standing without a hijab during the match. Not wearing hijab is a crime for women in Iran. In such a situation, after this photo of him appeared, people started abusing him on social media. Also, people are threatening to kill them. So Shohreh Bayat is afraid of arrest on his return to Iran.

It is being said in Iranian media that they did this in opposition to the government. Meanwhile, there are reports that Iran’s Chess Federation has pressured Bayat to apologize, but Bayat is not ready to apologize. He says that people should wear what they like. Talking to the BBC, Bayat said that many people are in prison in Iran due to not wearing hijab. Maybe they want me to come forward for them.

The International Chess Federation has also not responded to this yet. According to him, Bayat has not broken any rules according to him. Meanwhile, Bayat has written a letter to his Federation in Iran to guarantee them security on their return to the country, but nothing has been said so far from the Federation.

This is not the first time that there has been a ruckus in Iran for not wearing hijab. Kimia Alizadeh, who won Iran’s first women’s Olympic medal, has also said many times that she is upset with the dress code there.