Gorgas Memorial Institute carries out constant monitoring

Martina Stoessel,Lali Espósito,Axel,Soledad Pastorutti,Argentina

The importance of the study carried out by the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies is that it is known which viral strains circulate in the north or south, which are not equal, highlights Juan Miguel Pascale, director of that institution.

“If you know what is circulating, you know what vaccine you need. For example, Panama uses the Southern Cone vaccine, not from the northern hemisphere, and that one knows based on the type of virus that is circulating and hence the importance of conducting this kind of study, “he emphasizes.

Normally the vaccines used in Panama have four viruses: two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses, “so it’s like making a cocktail, you decide which cocktail is most effective, so it is circulating in the southern hemisphere, which is the most effective, for what is circulating in the northern hemisphere.”

As for the same virus that causes influenza A (H1N1), he points out that if he gives a person who is in good health, he can attack him hard or be mild, and there he remained; or it can give a person who has certain heart, lung, chronic bronchitis, emphysema problems and can be very strong and life-threatening, or a child can also cost him his life.

Specialists point out that vaccines that protect against all four influenza viruses have been manufactured in the same way as influenza vaccines that have circulated for years to protect against all three influenza viruses. The difference is the added protection against another influenza virus.

Studies have shown that vaccines made to provide protection against influenza viruses have a safety profile similar to that of the seasonal influenza vaccine created to protect against three viruses, with similar (mostly mild) side effects.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide received the influenza vaccine in a safe way that protects against the three influenza viruses. As with all seasonal influenza vaccines, vaccines that protect against the four influenza viruses are controlled to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

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