Varvara Subbotina says she is an Instagram addict

Varvara Subbotina, 18, from Russia, said when she spends too much time without her phone, she feels stressed.

She said her coach Tatyana Danchenko has even resorted to banning her from her phone as it has affected her training.

Varvara is a member of the synchronised swimming team that represents Russia and she’s a two time world champion.

The social media star has created over 33.1k followers on Instagram and posted over 1,020 of her training and modeling.

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The Star reported Varvara as saying: “I can honestly admit that I’m an Instagram addict.

“If I do not have a mobile phone in my hand and it cannot be scrolled through social media posts, it makes me smile.”

The swimmer admits that he is “unwell” and that his coach gives him access based on his performance.

She said: “I was not allowed to share photos. Later, we agreed that it would depend on my results: If I do well – I can create an Instagram post. ”

This is hardly surprising when you understand that 59 percent of teens who use the app say they have been bullied online.