Megan Fox fully supports her son Noah to dress

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Megan Fox, 33, beautiful actress who has captivated the hearts of many people with her magical acting and eyes, Fox has become a most searching actress in the world. reports, that Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green have been encouraging their three sons to become themselves and have entered the eldest son Noah into a Californian liberal school.

In an interview with the American TV show “Talk Show” on September 19, Fox said: “He (Noah) is really fashionable. He sometimes wears clothes and sometimes likes to wear clothes.”

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“And I sent him to a real liberal school, like a hippie school. But even there, in California, he still has a little boy saying ‘boys don’t wear clothes’ or ‘boys don’t wear pink’ ,” she added.

“We are going through this process, and no matter what others say, I am trying to teach him confidence. He has stopped wearing clothes for a while,” Fox said.

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The actress’s encouragement seems to be paying off, and Green also defended his son’s love for clothes.