Home Entertainment Emilia Clarke – “I’m ignoring the coffee” in Instagram Post

Emilia Clarke – “I’m ignoring the coffee” in Instagram Post

Emilia Clarke says I’m ignoring the coffee in Instagram Post
Instagram: Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke, 32, the beautiful Actress who has captivated the hearts of many youngsters with her magical performance, Emilia Clarke has now become a top actress in the world.

She was the winner of the Empire Hero Award for “Game of Thrones” and since then there was no looking back ever.

Now, in a recent Emilia Clarke Photoshoot ad for Dolce and Gabbana, the “Last Christmas” actor returned to the much-loved caffeine.

Although the setup is a bit more complicated. In the photo shoot for the fashion house’s perfume campaign, all of Emilia’s Emperia, Emilia, stared at the camera in the cafe.

Wearing a black lace dress, the star was offered coffee and half a sandwich, but apparently she didn’t care.

Emilia Clarke wrote in the caption:

I’m ignoring the coffee. Forget about the half eaten sandwich. I’m alllll about locking eyes with you and smelling the air, the @dgbeauty #DGTheOnlyOne2 infused air…god DAMN that smells good. I suggest you do the same.
But you can finish your lunch first. #DGBeauty #DGTheOnlyOne2 #SheIsTheOnlyOne #🤩