Home Science Uttarakhand villages will be free of plastic waste

Uttarakhand villages will be free of plastic waste

Uttarakhand villages will be free of plastic waste
Plastic waste in Uttarakhand street

Environmentally sensitive villages of Uttarakhand will also be able to get rid of plastic and polythene waste. The Central Government has approved this scheme of the Panchayati Raj Department under the National Village Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA).

In the first phase, one Gram Panchayat will be selected in 95 Nyaya Panchayats in the first phase. Each panchayat will have a compactor machine in view of collecting plastic-polyethylene. The waste will then be sent to the recycling plant at Alipur in Haridwar.

The task of collecting plastic waste will be given to women groups and it will be purchased from them at the rate of four rupees per kg. In such a situation, the means of livelihood will also be developed in the village.

Like urban areas, rural areas are not untouched by plastic-polyethylene waste. The state also witnessed a stir after the central government focused on the disposal of plastic waste.

It has been arranged in 92 municipal bodies of the state, while now this campaign is being started in gram panchayats. In this episode, on the instructions of Panchayatiraj Minister Arvind Pandey, a draft was sent from the department and sent to the central government.

It has now been approved. The Secretary Panchayati Raj HC Semwal confirmed it. He told that under the scheme, the villages will be free from plastic-polythene waste, it will also become a means of livelihood.

In the first phase, out of 670 Nyaya Panchayats in the state, one village each of 95 Nyay Panchayats is being taken. In these villages, along with building sheds for collecting polythene-plastic, a compactor machine will be installed there.

He also informed that a recycling plant is being set up at Alipur, Haridwar. Products like PVC pipes, plastic doors will be made from it in the plant.