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Daily 32 km journey to protect tribal from diseases

Daily 32 km journey to protect tribal from diseases
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Raya Parate, a 52-year-old tribal woman from Adori village, is neither afraid of wildlife nor Naxalites. From the morning, she goes out in the forested villages to get the benefits of government schemes and health services to the Baigas. For this, she travels about 32 km daily.

Many times one has to spend the night in the forested villages during the rainy days. His efforts have also been impacted. Baiga are reaching the tribal hospital for treatment. The disease death rate has come down in more than a dozen Naxal-affected villages in a decade.

Raya Parate Pati Naseeb Parate, a resident of Adori village of Birsa, district panchayat, about 98 km from the district headquarters of Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh, said that she would visit Adi and other Naxal-affected villages daily to get information about the health of Baiga tribal women, men and children Are. If anyone has an illness, they ask them to get treatment at the government hospital.

Ambulances are called for those who are not ready to go to hospital and are treated. Raya Parate says that 15 years ago, five Baiga tribals in Adori died due to lack of treatment during fever. The Baiga tribals were afraid of going to the hospital.

They used to think that the treatment costs money in the hospital. After this, he pledged that by giving timely information about the health schemes of the government to all Baiga tribals, their lives can be saved by getting timely treatment.

That is why we started this effort by going from village to village and brought many people to the hospital. Seeing the works of Raya Parate, the Health Department handed over the post of Asha Sahyogini to him in the year 2008-2009.

Three hours give time in one village: Raya Parate Baiga tribal villages reach to inform health services in other villages including Ghummur, Murkuta, Parsai, Kod Birkona, Chikhali, Malia, Rajna, Mahuapani, Como, Kundekasa, Bondari, Urskal .

These whole villages are Naxalite affected. Whether it is summer, cold or rainy day, Raya alone walks through the forest paths and provides services for three hours daily in a village. Many times in the evening, these villages have to spend the night, so they carry the food with them.