Home Health Two Iraqi girls get new life in Eid

Two Iraqi girls get new life in Eid

The second child Naveen Yasin has a defect in his valve. Because of this, his heart was not working properly. So his heart has been stabilized by drugs because he is still young. If the valve was replaced now, it would have trouble later. When she gets a little older, then her valve will be replaced but at the moment she is also fine. He will also be discharged from the hospital in a week.

Two Iraqi girls get new life in Eid
Group of Gangaram Hospital's staff with Iraqi girls and parents

Two girls from the war-affected region of Iraq were treated by Delhi doctors and gifted them new life on the occasion of Eid. Both the girls are suffering from severe heart disease.

Doctors at Gangaram Hospital saved the life of a two-year-old girl named Stash Azad Khalil by surgery, after four years her second surgery will be done. Stash has left for Iraq with parents celebrating Eid. At the same time, seven-year-old Naveen Yasin is currently treated with drugs. She will also undergo surgery when she grows up.

Doctors at the hospital say that the two girls were not being screened and treated properly due to lack of medical facilities in the war-torn region of Iraq. Both were brought to Gangaram Hospital with the help of an NGO named Iraq Hope Humanitarian and Delhi-based Dia India Foundation. This saved his life.

Half hearted beating: The treatment of both the girls started under the leadership of Dr. Raja Joshi, Chairman of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Gangaram Hospital. The investigation found that the two-year-old Stash is suffering from a severe congenital disease of the heart, as half of his heart is missing. Dr. Joshi said that he does not have a right ventricle in his heart. Due to this, dirty and clean blood was reaching the left ventricle in one place.

Because of this, oxygen-rich blood could not reach his body. Due to this his body was turning blue and breath was also blooming. After echocardiography and other investigations, the need for two surgeries was felt. Under this, his first surgery was done about 18 days ago.

He said that during surgery, the blood vessel carrying the blood from the upper part of the body to the heart was separated and connected to the lungs. With this, oxygen-rich blood from the lungs started reaching the heart. This normalized oxygen levels in his body. This allows her to breathe properly. After four years, he will have to come again for another surgery.