Mika dance in Karachi, fan says – be traitor

Mika dance in KarachiMika Singh is going viral, in which he is seen giving strong performance

A video of Bollywood singer Mika Singh is going viral, in which he is seen giving strong performance. There is no such flaw in his video, but controversy has arisen regarding its location.

In fact, at the time when the tension between Indo-Pak is at the peak, he was performing in Karachi at the wedding of the daughter of a relative of former President General Pervez Musharraf. There is a lot of ruckus in Pakistan about this, even in India, they are being called traitors.

According to reports, on Thursday, August 8, Mika performed at a wedding ceremony in Karachi. The news of his presence came when some guests uploaded his video on social media.

In this regard, Pakistan’s opposition leader and Syed Khurshid Shah of Pakistan People’s Party said that the government should find out who gave security permission and visa to the Indian singer and his 14-member team.

He said that Indian films, plays and programs are currently banned. Even if the visa was issued earlier in this case, it should have been canceled. On the other hand, this performance of Mika has also been expressed by his fans in India.

For this, he took the help of social media. One Twitter user wrote, “Traitor, shame on you.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Mika Singh Paji Hum Indians have given you a lot of love. In a situation when Pakistan has banned all business relations with us, sending terrorists from across the border, why did you go to Pakistan? Is a show and a few bucks bigger than India. ‘