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Controversy over Trump’s tweet in suicide case

Trump retweeted a tweet linking Epstein's death to former President Bill Clinton, a Clinton spokesman dismissed such claims as baseless and false.

Trump's tweet in suicide case

A new controversy has arisen in the US suicide case of rape accused billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein (66). President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet in the case that linked Epstein’s death to former President Bill Clinton. Controversy has erupted over Trump’s retweet.

Epstein committed suicide in his cell on Saturday. He was accused of sexually abusing dozens of young girls. He was also convicted for several sexual offenses. After his suicide, Trump’s fan and comedian Terence Williams tweeted, “He (Epstein) had some information related to Bill Clinton and now he died.”

It is strange that anyone who knows anything about the Clinton family dies. ‘ These kinds of things have been going on for a long time. Even during President Clinton’s tenure, there were attempts to link individual deaths with Clinton. Currently, the matter has been disputed due to Trump’s retweet.

After Trump’s retweet, a Clinton spokesman called the claim ridiculous and false. Not only this, Trump also retweeted another tweet, which stated that documents related to Epstein revealed that Clinton also visited Epstein’s island, where young girls were sexually abused. A Clinton spokesman has also called these things baseless.

Billionaire Epstein had close ties to many American politicians and celebrities. These included the current US President Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton. Epstein had sex with most minor and young girls by greed or intimidation.

In the cases where he has been proved guilty and in the cases in which he was facing trial, he was to be sentenced to a minimum of 45 years. Questions have also been raised on the jail administration as a case of suicide in America’s safest prison.

This is not the first case of controversy after President Donald Trump’s tweet. Earlier, Trump was involved in controversies by making racist remarks on an MP.