Kelly Clarkson explains why she felt bitter after winning American Idol

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Kelly Clarkson, 37, the beautiful singer who has captivated the hearts of many youngsters with her magical voice and eyes, Kelly Clarkson has become a musical sensation in the world.

She was the winner of the prestigious American Idol and since then there was no looking back ever.

Kelly said on September 9 that several performers had been nasty to her after she gained AI. Kelly introduced The Kelly Clarkson Show.

She didn’t specifically appoint anyone, but said that several magistrates moved on to participate in several talent competitions.

The singer has always been a passionate performer and her childhood friends reveal her love for music in various interviews.

“The first three years of my career was me just paying for winning a talent show,” she explained. “I got real bitter. I was just looking for anyone to talk to who knew what I was going through.”

But Kelly laughed at the start of the day. She’s now a Grammy triple champion, presenter of the talk show, coach for NBC’s The Voice pro series.

True to its shape, Kelly made her adverse knowledge a beneficial encounter. Her hard trip after Idol produced her want The Voice even simpler for other developing performers.

“That’s why I like to do that for the Voice performers. Actually it has cured this taste I used to bear.

Recently she had to take a break from her sensational musical tour because of health concerns, but now she is back in action planning and rescheduling the dates and venue of Hazel Eyes Tour.

Musical journey, with great American Idol, Kelly got a great platform to showcase her talent and get groomed as per the industry demands.

Kelly Clarkson’s music has grabbed the attention of the jury members of many awards. Nomination for three award categories in American Music Awards with her album Breakaway is the best example to prove it.

Top Kelly Clarkson songs include What doesn’t kill you, Because of you, Breakaway, Already Gone, Behind these Hazel Eyes, Since U Been Gone and many more.

In all these best songs, the emotions are so well executed with the music and voice that it leaves a deep impact on the listeners.

Kelly Clarkson hits have topped the charts of many radio and other music stations. Join the list of Kelly Clarkson songs.

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