Solar energy plan is being planned from the ground of thermal power plant

Solar energy plan is being planned from the ground of thermal power plant

The possibility of producing solar energy from the ground of a government thermal power plant in Raipur Chhattisgarh is being searched. However, it may take time to clear the land of the closed plant. The reason for this is being told that there are two more units with four discontinued units, which are operational.

Meanwhile, there has been preliminary discussion about the use of vacant land in the power company management. Chairman of power companies Shailendra Shukla said that no decision has been taken yet on the use of land, it may take time.

However, the installation of solar units could be a better option. Units were 53 years old: According to the power officials, the total installed capacity of the former Korba plant was 440 MW.

It consists of four units of 50 MW each and two units of 120 MW each. Production began on 22 October 1966, about 53 years before the first 50 MW plant. The second unit became operational in 1967, the third and fourth units in 1968.

At the same time, two units of 120 MW were commissioned in 1976 and 1981 respectively. Production was stopped for three years: Out of the four units of 50 MW, production was stopped for almost three years. Due to old production from these plants was expensive. At the same time pollution was also increasing.

Due to this, these units were closed before 2017. With the government officially announcing the closure of these plants, the power company management has been authorized for the use of the vacant land. Due to this, consideration of solar: in Chhattisgarh, there are about two big private and government sectors. Dozens of thermal power plants are in operation.

Their total generation capacity is more than 22 thousand MW. Thermal plants are not only prone to pollution but also fly ash from there is becoming a big problem. In such a situation, the government is no longer in favor of a new thermal plant.

Since the plant is in the industrial area and there are other power plants nearby. Due to this, the solar plant there is being considered as the better option. One MW plant on six acres of land: According to the knowledgeable officials of non-conventional energy sources, about six acres of land is required to set up a one MW solar plant.

In such a situation, a large solar plant can be set up by closing the 200 MW thermal unit.

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