DSLR cameras can also cause malware attack

DSLR cameras can also cause malware attack
Nikon latest DSLR camera

After computers and smartphones, now hackers are also eyeing your cameras. Security researchers have warned that ransomware or malware (a type of virus) attacks may also occur on DSLR cameras.

Researchers at cyber security company Check Point Software Technologies have found that modern cameras are connected to USB and Wi-Fi, so hackers can gain control over their data.

The company’s security researcher Eyal Itkin said that any smart device, including DSLR cameras, is vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. He said that the cameras are now connecting not only to USB, but also to WiFi networks.

Due to which, now they have come under the scanner of hackers. He said that if the camera is attacked by a virus, the hacker can download his pictures and ask for a ransom in return. Researchers said that photographs in modern cameras are not shot on film.

Therefore, the International Imaging Industry Association has created a standard protocol, called Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), through which pictures from the camera are transferred to the PC.

But now it is possible that the hackers steal your photos while transferring photos. Researchers say that consumers need to keep updating the cameras to protect the camera from hackers. Also, turn off the camera when they are not being used.


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