Data can also be stolen from charging cable

Data can also be stolen from data cable

Often we forget to carry the charging cable of our smartphone or ipad while going to office or on a trip. In such a situation, when charging the phone, then we have to ask for a charging cable. We do not take care of the cable being safe or unsafe before using it.

Now a hacker has questioned the security of these charging cables. He says that the user’s data can also be stolen through charging cable. In such a situation, it can be fatal to use the charging cable without any thought.

In a report, a hacker named MG said, “Many people are conscious of the use of pen drives and memory cards but do not consider USB cables to be a threat.” MG also modeled the charging cable installed in Apple’s USB port. is.

This fake cable called OMG looks like any other charging cable from outside. But through this cable, hackers can transmit viruses etc. to any device. For this, the device needs to be in the Wi-Fi network area.

The hacker can also erase information about the use of fake cable in that device. Locking the screen of a computer or smartphone through this cable, its password can also be found.

MG has made this fake cable by making some changes in the apple cable itself. He says that this cable can also be made for other USB portals. However, he wants to use this cable as a security tool.

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